Battle Royale games have been gaining traction over the past few years, and it’s quite obvious that other companies are catching on. Video game developers that would never think to create a Battle Royale game are giving it a shot, the perfect example would be a long-time shooter in Call of Duty trying to implement Blackout into their games. While the game mode was fun, it didn’t feel as natural as the other Battle Royale titles on the market. When it comes to PUBG hacks, there are plenty of people who are still playing it and have dedicated many sleepless nights to a few wins; with that being said, there is plenty of competition to be had.

With the likes of Fortnite and other Battle Royale games throwing their names into the hat, PUBG took a backseat for a little bit. Fortnite came out in full force and hasn’t stopped, as they are still updating the game and creating new features (although the same thing could be said about PUBG). PUBG can be looked at as one of the originators for this genre, and it’s always going to be given a certain amount of respect – but this doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible game and you should overlook it.

To be fair, PUBG can seem as if it’s a little outdated. One could say that most of the people playing the game still are veterans who have managed to master their craft, and you’re just somebody who is checking out the game for their very first time. The skill gap in this title is immense, but thankfully there are plenty of PUBG cheats and hacks for you to make use of over at Crypto Cheats.

The “Great Hill of Hype”

When Battle Royale games made their first appearance, people were dumbfounded. ARMA 3 has a mod released for it that was called “DayZ” and the flood gates opened right up. The mod would have you in a world with many other players, as well as zombies that were trying to eat your brains. The entire goal was to frequent one server and gather as much equipment as possible, potentially teaming up with others in the process and surviving for as long as possible. You can upgrade your guns by going through specific areas that are known for having good loot, as well as avoid the areas that are littered with zombies.

Some locations would be much more popular than others and have plenty of opponents for you to worry about, whereas other areas were nothing but large fields and open space. You could find helicopters and other military vehicles to navigate the map, as well as plenty of other amazing features (you had to keep yourself healthy and hydrated, etc).

Nowadays, Battle Royale games are essentially “drop in for one game and kill or get killed”. The loot that you find is completely randomized, and while specific areas will have more enemies still, it’s not the same experience. DayZ was a slow build-up when it came to the games, but these days it’s all about the immediate win.

Are They Creating Too Many Battle Royale Titles?

Some people are arguing that Battle Royale titles are becoming saturated, as every single triple-A gaming title is trying to introduce it in one way or another. Even the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 saw the introduction of a Battle Royale game mode within a free-roam cowboy came (a cowboy game where you can lasso people and drag them around behind your horse!). When you see the feature being added in so many different games, it sort of takes away from the initial titles that were being released.

The moment that video game companies see a profitable trend, they’re going to go at it with as much force as possible. They’re going to try and implement Battle Royale modes in their game when it really shouldn’t exist, as well as work with the ever-so-popular microtransaction business model. There are a few different methods that video game companies are favoring these days, all of which are taking away from the experience that the game itself provides. It’s no longer about showing the customer a good time, as all these video game companies want to do is make as much money as possible.

In the end, they are a company that is trying to turn a profit – if we don’t like the games, we can simply choose to not buy them. Does that make the copying of groundbreaking titles such as PUBG okay? Not at all, but let’s take things one step at a time.

What Makes PUBG So Ideal?

In my opinion, PUBG is the most ideal Battle Royale experience in the modern era. You still get the feeling of dropping into a game and developing your weapons slowly, but surely – you don’t bust open a treasure chest and randomly receive a golden shotgun. PUBG has a realistic combat system that makes the gunfights exciting and stress-inducing, especially when it has come down to the last couple of people. I feel like they build tension and excitement in areas that many other titles fall short, but that could just be a personal preference. Two of my favorite traits surrounding this game have to be:

Quality – The combat system is innovative and they still have vehicles and such on a large map, which has been optimized for stability. It’s easy to see that PUBG is one of the high-quality Battle Royale titles we’ve seen so far, and it’s a great base to start for other developers.

Originality – PUBG was one of the first to do the whole “drop in and face 99 other people” thing, and they deserve an abundance of respect for that. They almost singlehandedly started an entire gaming genre!

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