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What Makes People Want to Hack?

There is a wall that most novice gamers are going to hit, but that can be avoided completely when you decide to purchase the tools available from Crypto Cheats. Becoming skilled at a game takes time, that much we’re aware of – but that’s a luxury that many gamers around the world don’t have. We don’t all have time to spend perfecting our game, and that’s when using hacks would come into play; you don’t need to waste your time when you’re using hacks!

Simple to Use

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Effective hacks aren’t always this easy to obtain, as many providers on the web are going to give you a choice between quality or quantity. We focus on quality here at Crypto Cheats, as we’ve said multiple times, but most other providers are looking to pump out as many hacks as they can. Gamers who are looking for an effective PUBG aimbot or PUBG wallhack can rely on Crypto Cheats, as we refuse to put out any unfinished products.


Some hacks will give you the features you want, but won’t have you covered in the anti-cheat protection department. Crypto Cheats has developed the most secure PUBG hacks around, allowing our users to cheat without worry. You don’t have to think about your account getting banned when you use our PUBG cheats because there’s no automated service (or even nosy spectator) that can break your stride.


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