acquired – Kart Racing Games & The Hacks That Fuel Them!

Kart racing games are a dying breed, but they used to fuel our summer days as children. While kart racing games are being put on the back burner, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t gems out there – one of the perfect examples would be Zero Gear. Zero Gear didn’t get the kind of hype that it deserved and that’s why the project has been so delayed as of recent, although kart game fanatics all over the world are still waiting for any news about the game. If you loved the older versions of kart racing games like Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing, you would have loved Zero Gear!

Kart racing games aren’t going to reward you with loot boxes or even have a battle royale mode as most modern games do, they’re all about having fun. With that being said, some people prefer to go online and compete with the best racers this planet has to offer – if you’re one of those individuals, you might have considered using kart racing hacks in the past.

Hacking in video games is a lost art, as there are a lot of developers who don’t deliver when it comes to the quality of their products. Sifting through all of the available developers and figuring out which one has the most optimal tools is tough, but that’s why you’ve got to do your research. Understanding what to look for in a hack will put you in a position to make the right purchase, as opposed to wasting your money on a kart racing hack you know nothing about.

How Does One Hack in Kart Racing Games?

Although you might think it’s just like using Valorant hacks or Overwatch hacks, that’s not the case at all. It’s much different than most other titles, as you’re usually hacking the speed incorporated with the game itself. Modern Warfare hacks and Warzone hacks are more accuracy based when compared to kart racing games. If you’re playing offline races this is no issue, as you’re only going to impact personal gameplay – bringing your hacks into the online realm is an entirely different story. Many people will try and hack in a game like Mario Kart 7 online, only to realize that there aren’t many tools that work for these titles.

It’s not like you need a kart racing aimbot (that’s reserved for our EFT hacks or PUBG hacks) as there’s no true aiming aspect involved with these games, you merely get behind the person you want to hit and let them have it! It might be a bit different when you considered the banana power-ups and such, but for the most part, kart racing hacks are going to be bare. You won’t find the same features heres as you would in APEX hacks or even RUST hacks.

What Happened to Zero Gear?

Although Zero Gear was never able to reach its full potential, the developers decided to scrap the project until further notice. The demand for a new kart racing game isn’t particularly high at this point, and those that do want to play a racing game will more than likely do so on the Nintendo Switch. The idea itself was innovative, but it just wasn’t executed to perfection; the game itself is nearly a decade old, but people are still bringing some joy out of playing it. Fortnite hacks and become a hot commodity and so have

What Makes a Hack Reliable?

Several traits would deem a hack reliable, all of which need to be present before you make a purchase. You’ll want your hacks to be affordable, of course, but what else goes into a stellar video game hack?


If a hack isn’t priced properly you’re going to notice right away, as many providers feel like they can charge a “premium” for tools that haven’t been covered by other developers. You don’t want to purchase your hacks from a provider who will milk customers for their money, as that’s fueling a predatory practice. Stop the madness by figuring out whether a hack is worth the amount of money they’re asking for, which can be done by looking at the included features.


Any premium hack that you come across needs to be loaded with features, and if it isn’t, there’s no way you could consider it a “premium” hack at all. Many developers will say whatever is necessary to make a sale, and that’s why it can be hard to navigate through the hacking industry – finding a reliable provider that will give you all of the features you crave isn’t as easy as you’d hope. Keep an eye out for hacks that implement a lot of different features and focus on anti-cheat efforts (to keep your accounts secure!).

Customer Support

Customer support may not be directly related to the hacks, but if you run into trouble while trying to install your cheats they’re going to be your new best friends. Customer support workers are overlooked all too often, but those who want the best hacking experience possible know that they are a crucial part of the process. Without reliable customer support, there is nobody to field your questions, and all of your hack-related issues will just linger.