acquired – Link vs. Zelda: Which One is Superior?

Link is always saving Zelda it seems, but that’s what his purpose in life is – he’s merely just doing his job when you think about it. There is an age-old argument that puts these two old friends against one another warzone hacks, as the question remains: who is better out of Link and Zelda? If you’ve played any Super Smash Brother titles that include Zelda and Link, you’ll notice that they both have a very strong set of moves. In the hands of an experienced player, there is little you can do to stop them from winning once Zelda or Link has been selected, so that’s not a great game to make the comparison within warzone hack.

There are tons of Zelda games and pubg hack there will continue to be a plethora more as time creeps forward, but there are some moments within these games that would suggest Link is the superior character. We aren’t trying to be misogynistic or anything either, so we don’t want to see any of you trolls in the comment section taking this out of proportion, but Link is always saving Zelda pubg hacks.

It isn’t the other way around and it doesn’t seem like it ever will be, as Link is constantly saving Zelda and has continued to do so over the past 20 years. Breath of the Wild is the perfect example of Zelda being saved yet again, as Link has to fight through hordes of trolls and rock monsters to keep the Princess safe. Although in Super Smash Brothers you see a much more “combat ready” version of Zelda, that is something you will seldom see in regular Zelda titles.

How Strong is Link?

Link is said to be a teenager for the most part and his age is brought into question during a lot of these games modern warfare hacks. You have to remember that these games take place at different times, although the oldest we’ve ever seen Link is around 20 years of age – with that being said, he’s incredibly strong for his age (and body frame). Zelda is very strong in her own right which we’ve seen on multiple occasions, but Link is known for being determined and having no quit in him! When something needs to be done modern warfare hack, he’s going to handle it accordingly without any issues.

Zelda seems to just lie in wait for Link to come and rescue her, only showing her valiant side when it’s a little too late (and things have already calmed down) rust hack. Link is always getting knocked down, only to get back up and try again time after time. Now whether that’s due to the tenacity of a player or Links’ determination is up to you to decide rust hacks, but we’d like to think that he’s the toughest 17-year old we’ve ever had the pleasure of controlling in a video game (wow, that sounds terrible!).

What Kind of Skills Does Link Possess?

Link is known for being an amazing swordsman, but you cannot forget about his cooking and bowhunting skills as well! Over the many Zelda games fortnite hack, we’ve played Link is shown to be great with a sword, but Breath of the Wild takes it above and beyond the norm by introducing cooking and archery.


In Breath of the Wild fortnite hacks, you can attack opponents from distance using Links’ bow and arrows. You can craft different kinds of arrows, some of which will be more effective on certain enemies. It’s a great addition that allows combat to feel more fluid and free, while also expanding on the skills that Link has to offer.


Cooking is a big deal in Breath of the Wild as well eft hack, as you can combine ingredients to create a potentially delicious dish! All of the food that you cook will give you a bonus when consumed, given that you produced a quality meal! Sometimes you can make a meal that combined the wrong ingredients and end up with a monstrosity, which is more than likely going to offer very little along the lines of a health bonus eft hacks (and if it’s bad enough, it will have a negative effect).


We’ve seen Link holding a sword ever since he was first introduced, and there’s no telling how young he was when he picked up steel for the first time apex hack. From what we can see as gamers, Link is a very seasoned swordsman who understands the techniques associated with combat. While the games don’t put anything into technical terms apex hacks, the fact that you’re fighting monsters as a twelve-year-old wielding a sword is kind of crazy.

Whatever you feel is the right answer rb6 hack, all we know is that Link saves Zelda all of the time, and that’s why we feel he’s the better character. Have something to say about it? Feel free to drop a comment and tell us how you feel rb6 hacks.