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How CryptoCheats Works

Crypto Cheats features an abundance of different hacks and cheats available for your favorite titles, all of which were developed with quality in mind. You’ll find that it’s tough to identify high-quality hack providers on the internet, but there’s no need to look any further – Crypto Cheats has you covered in every regard. There is plenty of hacks available for various titles, and we are constantly looking to expand our hack library!


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Buy Instant Access to the hacks that you need today! Pay and use them right away, no questions asked.

Login to Your Account

Once you've paid for your hacks, you can login to your account and manage all of your purchases. This is great for people who have many hacks.

Download the Desktop Loader

Download the Crytpo Cheats Desktop Loader and manage your hacks even easier! You'll never need to launch a hack by itself, let alone worry about what hacks that you've already purchased.

Select Game and Inject

Select that game that you're looking to hack and “inject” the hacks files into the game directory. This can be hard when done manually, but the loader makes it a simple process.

Customize the Hacks with Our In-Game Loader

Customize your hack experience through the use of our Crypto Cheats in-game loader!

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