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H1Z1 Hack

H1Z1 Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

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Update: Anticheat

OS Support: Windows 10

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Our H1Z1 Hacks

H1Z1 is another zombie survival game that is going to push you to your limits, especially if you’re trying to play this game solo. Most people will play with a few friends as it doesn’t hurt to have helping hands, building a base by yourself is tough (especially since you’ve now got to gather all of the resources without any assistance) – while that’s true, it doesn’t mean you can’t flourish by yourself. It’s almost like moving to Alaska for the isolation and instead of bears, you get zombies and other players trying to kill you! H1Z1 is an impressive game that has stuck around for a long time, but certain people have been pushed away from the game due to a lack of success. Whether it was a griefer just having their way with you or a high-level player smurfing for fun, using H1Z1 hacks to get ahead can be fair game at times.

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Do H1Z1 Hacks actually exist?

Yet another zombie apocalypse title that has been blessed with hacks from Crypto Cheats! H1Z1 is a very popular title that is well-known within the gaming community, especially since it’s considered to be one of the tougher battle royale titles to get into. H1Z1 started off as a zombie survival game and then quickly changed into a battle royale title, so it’s able to appeal towards fans of both genres. The game features many different forms of gameplay, from driving in vehicles down to gunfights with other players (and potentially hordes of zombies). When you want a bit of assistance while you’re playing H1Z1, you can count on Crypto Cheats to provide you with the necessary tools. We will always provide our customers with reliable H1Z1 hacks, as well as hacks for any other titles that we’ve recently developed for.

H1Z1 may not be the powerhouse that it once was, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lost the player base that enjoyed the game for so many years. If you’re still playing H1Z1, you’re more than likely a seasoned veteran; if you happen to be a newcomer or simply wanted a backup plan to lean on, you can always rely upon the tools from Crypto Cheats.

Keeping up with the competition is a race that’s best run with some help, and that’s where out H1Z1 hack comes into play. You’re not going to be left in the dust when our hacks have been activated, regardless of what level you are or what items you have to use. Our hack will turn you into a killing machine regardless of what’s at your disposal, they could give you the worst pistol in the game and you’re still going to land headshots at will! Our tools allow you to dominate with ease, and it’s an empowering feeling – one that you’ll never want to go away.

We can grant you access to the best H1Z1 hack available on the web right now, all you’ve got to do is purchase a license and you can get started right away. While other providers are going to limit how much you can use your H1Z1 hack, Crypto Cheats is completely unlimited and will never change. Once you’ve purchased the license you can access our H1Z1 hack as much as you’d like!

H1Z1 Hack Features

H1Z1 Aimbot

Using an aimbot is the best way to go about keeping your aim true, especially in a title like H1Z1. Crypto Cheats can help you become the best player possible with our tools!

H1Z1 Wallhack ESP

Want to see through solid surfaces? When you make use of our H1Z1 ESP wallhack, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.

H1Z1 NoRecoil

Bullet recoil is a pest that you can finally rid yourself of! Use our H1Z1 hack to remove recoil from the equation.

H1Z1 NoSpread

Bullet spread is in the same vein as recoil, in the sense that you never want to deal with it. Have it removed completely by using our H1Z1 cheat.

H1Z1 2D Radar

Having a 2D Radar is one of the most effective ways to cheat within H1Z1 since you’ll know where all of your enemies are located.

H1Z1 Instant Kill

The Instant Kill function is for those that aren’t trying to make any friends. You can instantly kill anyone you come in contact with when you’ve got this setting activated.

Hacks for H1Z1

Here at Crypto Cheats, we are always going to be dedicated to improving your gaming experience. Some people will say that hacks ruin the game, but that isn’t the case at all – how many times have you come across a hacker within your favorite server? Some people will say that it’s a massive issue, but there aren’t as many hackers as you think; mainly because people have no place to turn when they require H1Z1 hacks. Crypto Cheats is changing the landscape in that sense, as we have reliable hacks that will allow gamers to get the most out of their H1Z1 experience.

If you’re sick and tired of being the “bad one” in the lobby, it’s time for you to invest a little bit. Make the right choice and buy your H1Z1 cheat from a reliable source like Crypto Cheats, as opposed to the many other lackluster options that you’re going to find during your search.

If you want to jump right into the mix and have a high-quality hack option on your side, you can just purchase one of or subscription plans today. Trust us when we say that you’ll never have another bad match!

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H1Z1 Aimbot

Using an H1Z1 aimbot is going to give you a major advantage over the competition, as they’ll be stuck trying to aim by their own means. When you have a robot aiming for you, it means that every single shot is going to land with an intent to kill – this is especially true if you turn on the Instant Kill function that is present within our H1Z1 aimbot. If you wanted your H1Z1 gaming experience to be a breeze, you’d have a tough time finding an easier solution than this one here.

  •  Critical Distance Checks
  •  Auto-Switch
  •  Instant Kill
  •  Advanced Bone
  •  Auto Fire
  •  Auto Knife
  •  Visible Target Settings
  •  Smooth Aiming
  •  Penetration Checks
  •  Bone Prioritization
  •  Movement Prediction

H1Z1 Wallhack (ESP)

The right wallhack is going to give you a chance at perfection in a sense, as you’ll always know where the enemies are coming from. You’ll be able to spot the names of players through walls, alongside with their player models and even how much health they’ve got left. You can also see explosive ESPs and many other ESP options, making this the most versatile H1Z1 ESP wallhack around.

  • Explosive’s ESP
  • Fully Configurable Colors
  • Player Box ESP
  • Weapons ESP
  • Player Distance ESP
  • Player Health ESP
  • Player Names ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Supply Crate ESP

H1Z1 Removals

Remove all of that junk through the use of our H1Z1 Removals function! You can get rid of both bullet spread and recoil when this function is activated, but you’ll also be able to remove smoke and fog (among other things). If you wanted a customizable gaming experience, this is the tool that you’re going to fall in love with; it gives you the power to craft exactly how you want to play your game.

  • No Fog
  • No Recoil
  • No Smoke
  • No Spread
  • No Sway

H1Z1 Warnings

The H1Z1 warnings feature was implemented to ensure that you will always have eyes in the back of your head. A message will pop up on your screen whenever someone is aiming in your direction, and the message can be customized to say whatever you’d like. The message will also display when it comes to proximity warnings, meaning that when an enemy is close to you, the message will show up on the screen.

  • Aiming At You Warnings
  • Fully Configurable!
  • Proximity Alerts

H1Z1 Anti-Cheat

If you are too worried about getting banned to make use of our amazing H1Z1 hacks, you’re only limiting yourself for no apparent reason. All of our hacks are equipped with anti-cheat efforts that allow them to stay undetectable, giving you the safest hacking experience around. You won’t have to put your account at risk to use our H1Z1 cheat since we can essentially promise that you won’t get banned.

  • VAC
  • BattlEye
  • Video Proof
  • Spectator Protection

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H1Z1 Hacks & Cheats from Crypto Cheats

Zombies are everywhere and the only thing you’ve got to work with is a pistol and woodcutting axe, does this scenario sound familiar? If you’re sick and tired of going through the mind-numbing grind associated with playing H1Z1, you can use our H1Z1 hack to get ahead without the need to spend hours cutting down trees. Gathering resources is an important part of H1Z1 and it would be hard to excel without at least a bit of “lumberjack time”, but you can find most of the things you need by killing high-level enemies and hordes of zombies. The best loot is almost always going to be hidden behind a massive horde of zombies, and the most effective way to get through them is by using our H1Z1 hack.

Contrary to popular belief, H1Z1 is still going strong. While the initial launch for this game was a bit rocky, they worked out the kinks and have been keeping the title updated for a while; the game allows you to interact with other players online, but they aren’t always going to have your best intentions in mind. Some H1Z1 players live for the thrill of griefing other people, and if you’re that kind of person, more power to you. Others certainly don’t want to find you in their servers with the Crypto Cheats H1Z1 hack activated, as we know how powerful they can be! This is why we’ve implemented an exclusive security system into our H1Z1 hack, allowing the user to hack without worrying about getting banned.

There is always an automated cheat detection system present within these online games, and for H1Z1 you have to worry about BattlEye. Thankfully, we’ve been keeping our users protected from the prying BattlEye for years now!

H1Z1 Hacks from a Reliable Source

Getting scammed out of your hard-earned cash is a terrible feeling, and it’s one that many hackers around the globe have felt in the past. Whether it’s a developer dropping support for one of the hacks you’ve purchased or just the sale of fake hacks, there are a lot of different issues that could pop up while purchasing an H1Z1 hack. That’s why most gamers are going to purchase all of their hacks from one provider, as it helps keeps things consistent – when it comes to consistency, that’s what we do best here at Crypto Cheats.

All of our hacks are developed by a team of veteran coders, allowing us to not only create more hacks annually but also create them with quality at the top of our goals. Maintaining an affordable price is something else that we’ve wanted to do for all of our customers, and while we can’t give the H1Z1 hack away for free, we feel that it’s the most affordable “premium” hack you can find online.

4 Reasons Why Crypto Cheats is the #1 Provider of H1Z1 Hacks Online

Many developers have already dropped their support of H1Z1 hacks, which means whatever version you’ve got now is all you’re going to get. In some instances, they’ve removed their H1Z1 hack from the website completely, so customers are forced to look elsewhere for help. We’re always going to update our H1Z1 hack, regardless of what the developers of H1Z1 have planned for the games’ future.

Money is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Here at Crypto Cheats, we allow you to keep more of it, as all of our hacks are priced to be affordable for everyone. This doesn’t mean you’re going to get a lackluster hack, especially since there are still plenty of “cheaper” options to pick online – the one thing you need to remember is that our tools are often unmatched.

You don’t have to stare at your screen for 10 minutes praying for some help here at Crypto Cheats, as our customer support workers are always going to be available. They’re working to assist our customers 24/7, so regardless of when you have a question (or what it’s about), our customer support workers will do whatever they can to help!

The number of features available in our H1Z1 hack is surprising to some, as they don’t expect all of that “firepower” for such a low price. We wouldn’t dare to send our customers out there without the right stuff, and that’s why you’ll find the likes of a 2D Radar and exclusive Anti-Cheat Protection (among many other things) withing our H1Z1 hack.

Why Would I Use an H1Z1 Aimbot?

The zombies are annoying at best in H1Z1, but things can get hectic very quickly if you aren’t careful. When you’re playing H1Z1 for the first time, there will be situations where zombies overrun your location, but you lack the items to do anything about it. You might have a pistol and some ammo, but there’s no way you can headshot all of them, right? Well, by using our H1Z1 hack you’ll not only deal with zombies hastily but players as well. Some H1Z1 players have been going to war with each other since launch, and that means they’ll have access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game – it’s too bad, as you’re just going to snipe them in the head with a crappy bolt-action rifle anyways!

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Join the Crypto Cheats family today and experience H1Z1 without any hassles. You don’t have to worry about looters trying to raid your base or hordes of zombies trying to eat your flesh, as our H1Z1 hack is going to take care of everything for you. Whether it’s using our 2D Radar to keep track of enemies or just enabling the H1Z1 aimbot and letting it do its thing, there are many features included within our hack that will change your approach entirely. While you might be a timid beginner, for now, our H1Z1 hack is going to turn you into a seasoned shooter overnight.

Hacks for H1Z1

Most hacks for H1Z1 are going to fall short of the mark since they just don’t deliver when it comes to the quality being offered. Crypto Cheats is always going to put the quality of our tools before anything else, even if it means losing out on potential profits by releasing a tool “late” – we don’t believe that any tool can be released late, merely when they are ready to do so. We craft hacks as opposed to pumping them out like many other hack developers, which makes the quality of our tools superior in every way, shape, and form! We offer way more features than most of our competitors and even the best hack providers on the market are going to charge their customers more than we do here at Crypto Cheats.

Working to gather all of your wonderful loot just to lose it after having a gang raid your base is not only annoying, but it’s enough to send you into a fit of rage at times. Rage hacking is a thing and not only do we condone it here at Crypto Cheats, but we also recommend it! What better way to get all of that anger out than to hack with the intent of revenge?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you the #1 provider of H1Z1 hacks online?

Zombie survival games are sort of how we got started here at Crypto Cheats, as the first popular tool we ever released was the Arma 3 DayZ hack. H1Z1 was the game that followed suit and plenty of people went along with it, so we’ve been here since the very beginning! Not only are we originators of the survival game hack, but we constantly update our tools to ensure that they’re meeting quality standards.

How do you keep your customers safe while using your cheats?

Our customers can breathe easy when they choose to hack with us here at Crypto Cheats, as we have a very thorough anti-cheat protection system in place to help prevent bans. Your accounts are safe when you’re cheating with our tools! Not only that, but all of our hacks are 100% untraceable and clean, meaning there is no malicious malware or other additional content stuck into the code.

Can I turn the H1Z1 hack off?

You can turn our H1Z1 hack on and off whenever you’d like, which is something you’ll want to take advantage of. People are going to accuse you of hacking, and when they do, you can just toggle them off and play dumb!

What is an “aimbot”?

Aimbots are automated tools used to help you with aiming, and when you use our H1Z1 aimbot, you’ll be given access to our “Instant Kill” function. This allows you to click the mouse once and watch your enemies perish!

What are “wallhacks”?

Wallhacks are a simple way to see through solid surfaces and identify different ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) skeletons. You can see the likes of player names and even their health bars with this feature enabled, as well as many other options.

I've never hacked before, is it going to be difficult?

It will not be difficult regardless of your skill level. Hacking is simple when you purchase your tools from Crypto Cheats, as the Crypto Cheats Hack Injector is going to automatically install your hacks without any issues.

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