There are many locations to consider dropping at when you’re playing Warzone for the first time, and it can seem a bit overwhelming. When you want to know that you’re dropping in a solid location (in terms of loot and the number of people you need to worry about), this article is going to help you out quite a bit. Not only will we talk about the best places to land when you’re just beginning, but we’ll also talk a bit about Warzone hacks and how they can make the entire gaming process simpler!

Loot is randomly generated in Warzone, which means you’ll need to find a consistent drop to ensure that you’re going to have decent gear. It’s a race to see who can get the best guns and perks first most of the time, but using Warzone hacks is one of the most effective ways to win regardless of your loadout.

Where Should I Be Dropping?

As someone who has been playing the game for a while now, one thing that I’ve learned is it matters where you start the match. Some players have a preference and others just “go with the flow”, but having a preference is going to take you much further. You’ll know where all of the loot crates spawn, and you’ll also know if there is a buy station nearby – learning your surroundings is the key to success in a game like Warzone. With that being said, you could always just enable a Warzone wallhack and demolish anybody that dares to stand in your way!


As a beginner who doesn’t know much about Call of Duty, Port is going to have everything you need in a drop. You’ll have access to tons of loot and there are buy stations nearby that allow you to spend the cash you’ve accrued for upgrades. Getting a Loadout Drop (which is the most expensive item in the Store) is crucial to your success, as it allows players to use the perks and custom guns they’ve created for regular multiplayer modes! You can throw on perks that allow you to avoid being seen by killstreaks (such as UAV) and thermal scopes, both of which are traits you want to have in a battle royale game.

Port has multiple towers that offer cover and visual support to see enemies, but there are also surrounding warehouse buildings that offer tons of loot too. Make sure you look around and keep an eye out for any potential Contracts!

Military Base

Military Base would be another suggestion for new players that want to “drop hot”. If you’re sick and tired of waiting 20 minutes to see some action in Warzone, you can throw on some Warzone hacks and land right in the thick of it. Military Base will always have great weapons and awesome loot crates to keep you prepared for the match ahead, but you’re going to have to earn them – there are always enemies landing at Military Base!

There’s a helicopter spawn here that will let your team make a quick escape once you’ve completed the looting (and shooting!) process. The feeling of accomplishment you get after wiping out teams at Military Base is unmatched, as sometimes even the “sweatiest of sweats” will make an appearance.

Call of Duty: Warzone Hacks – Why Use Them?

Knowing where to drop isn’t enough most of the time, as you still need to play the game. If you’re the kind of person who was never great at shooting titles you’ll likely be interested in Warzone hacks, as they make winning matches much easier than usual. When you know that all of your shots are going to have a lethal aspect to them, you can approach every match with confidence – it’s almost like you know you’re going to win before the game has started.

What Hacks Are Available?

There are a lot of hacks to choose from, but when you purchase access to Warzone hacks from Cryptocheats there isn’t a feature that you’ll miss out on. Whether you wanted to use a Warzone wallhack or aimbot doesn’t matter, as we’ve got both of those ready to go whenever you need it. Quality is at the forefront of every single tool developed by Cryptocheats, and the Warzone cheats found here would be no different! Trying to defeat over a hundred other players in a match isn’t easy by any means, but using our Warzone hack will make winning a regular occurrence for you.

You gain access to the Cryptocheats hacks for a one-time fee, so you’ll be cheating in all of your favourite games without breaking the bank. Pairing both affordability and quality together in one Warzone hack isn’t easy to achieve, but thankfully, our customers know how hard we work here at Cryptocheats.

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