Modern Warfare is gaining a lot of traction after releasing “Warzone” to the public, but now there is something else for them to worry about. Those of you who have considered hacking in the past, but were too scared to follow through, now is the time to pick up those pieces. The number of people playing the game right now is staggering and if you’re on PC, the cross-play process is pretty much going to give you bots in every lobby. It’s a known fact that gamers on PC are a bit more accurate than those on a console, and there are a few reasons why that is (which we’ll talk about).

While you naturally have an advantage while playing on PC, you can take it a step further by introducing Modern Warfare hacks into your routine. Even if you don’t know where to start, hacking is quite simple these days – there are services out there that will load the hacks into your game for you through an injection system. You no longer need to be a “tech guru” to install hacks for Modern Warfare, and you don’t have to settle for second place anymore.

The popularity of Call of Duty depends on the game that gets released that year, as there have been some down years for this franchise in the past. The good news is that Modern Warfare is bringing this franchise back to life! We’ve all been calling for a new title within the Modern Warfare series, but we didn’t expect to receive anything like this.

Why Would I Hack Now?

Modern Warfare is only growing in popularity, and they’ve decided to allow people to play cross-platform this year. This means that even if you’re on a console (PS4 or Xbox One), you can still play with PC players – this works both ways and you can end up in a lobby that has every single player type mixed. Cross-play is looked at in a negative light for most people, but if you’re on PC you don’t ever want things to change.

Filling a lobby up on PC was a problem before, but ever since they introduced cross-platform play, there is never any issues getting a game started. As you can imagine, the number of people who buy a PC compared to those that buy a video game console is quite slim. There aren’t as many gaming PC’s out there that can handle Modern Warfare as there are PS4 Pro’s or Xbox One’s, but allowing all of these players to match with one another is a great idea.

Not only do the lobbies fill up quickly, but those who are on PC can hack much more efficiently. You’re no longer playing against sweats and other hackers (which is seemingly all PC has to offer), and now you’re able to demolish everybody who’s playing on a console.

Is Console Truly That Much Worse?

Playing on a console automatically puts you at a disadvantage, as you’re going to match up against PC players using professional-grade mouse and keyboard combinations. When they have gaming chairs and 4K monitors scattered throughout the room, you know they mean business! Playing on a console may not seem terrible to some, but the benefit of playing on a PC massively outweighs any benefit that could come from a console.

While it’s not obvious to some, the most common reasons a PC player will do better are:

  • Modern Warfare hacks can be loaded up onto a PC with ease, which means you can activate a Modern Warfare aimbot and end up playing people from both the PS4 and Xbox
  • Using a mouse and keyboard will give you pin-point accuracy while moving and shooting, which is something you don’t experience while using a console controller
  • When you’re using 4K monitors to minimize input lag and have a gaming chair to keep you comfortable (which most PC players do!), you’re going to be operating at peak performance

Modern Warfare Hackers Can Rejoice!

It’s finally time to reign supreme as a cross-platform hacker, but make sure you do so without any sympathy. You have the option of disabling cross-play if you’re sick and tired of beating up on scrubs, but who would ever do that? This also means that people can avoid your wrath by activating this option, but the average person isn’t going to bother checking those settings; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also recommends that you have it enabled at all times (as it helps find games quicker).

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